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Welcome to the jGroupware website.

I am afraid that, at present, it like the project itself, is a work-in-progress.

Project Aims

jGroupware will be a Java/Struts-based Contact Manager/Calendar/Todo list web application. Currently, however, only a rudimentary contact manager has been built.

It will be able to use a current moregroupware database as its datasource. jGroupware will also be able to import new items from external files on the filesystem (VCF and ical export files). These could opeate either in an append or a replace mode.

My primary aim for building this is personal. While I like moreGroupware, I want to be able to disable PHP on my public webserver.


The project has two parts - a back end library and a web-application.

As mentioned the web-application will use Struts (1.1) to provide a Model-View-Controller split.It takes advantage of Tiles to provide a consistant interface. This would also allow it to be quickly integrated with other projects (such as a email app). Care has been taken to internationalise the app where possible so foreign translations should be easy.

The library provides a set of application specific business logic sitting over a core database (JDBC) and text file (ORO) library which do the loading and saving of data. The business logic programs the core library through the use of map files specific to each app covering for instance the relationship between SQL column headings and bean properties.